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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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lawsuit against mcdonald's in 2004. 10 news reporter jennifer titus is live in the courthouse. are they having a hard time seating a your? >> reporter: they are weeding through this group now. jurors are being questioned. we started out with 500 jurors yesterday. the number is 106 this morning. lawyers tell me although many of them heard of this case, they are positive they will be able to narrow it down to a final nine. there is no doubt most every juror in the courtroom heard the name hulk hogan. >> i know he was a wrestler. i have seen him on tv or in an advertisement in his costume. >> reporter: it is that popularity that becomes complicated on both sides of the case as attorneys look for jurors that have not formed any opinion about this case.
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the tabloid website over a leaked sex tape. >> it is an appropriate arrangement. one man's wife is one man's wave and in my opinion should remain that way. >> when you come into a celebrity's hometown and involved in the case with a celebrity you expect there to be a home field advantage. >> reporter: lead council for gawker said that's what great about the system. they can ask questions. and dismiss jurors they think can't be fair. they hope the jury will be set and ready to go by monday. >> will you do your best to give both sides in this case a fair shake? >> i would, yes. >> reporter: a lead council for gawker tells me she is positive
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jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. >> we are on top of the hogan sex tape trial beginning to end. download the 10 news app to get instant alerts on the latest developments. at least one canidate is pretty much calling it quits after super tuesday. republican nominee ben carson says he doesn't see a path forward after disappointing numbers in primaries across the country. carson isn't officially suspending his campaign. he is skipping tomorrow night's gop debate. the rest of the canidates have a lot of catching up to do if they want to beat trump. 1237 delegates are needed to win the nomination. 315. cruz 216. marco rubio 106. on the democrat side hillary clinton is pulling away from bernie sanders. the nomination there. clinton has more than a thousand. sanders has 387.
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few weeks what do you expect to see from the florida primary on march 15th 10 news reporter down. >> no surprise after such a powerful showing on super tuesday expect donald trump to continue strong in florida. what we are watching is marco rubio's political future. him. earlier today rubio cast his vote in the republican primary. >> who did you vote for? >> i voted for marco rubio. what a great privilege to vote for myself in miami. >> he is here to fight for the primary march 15th. in the latest toll trump is ahead of rubio in his home state by double-digits.
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down trump with a grain of salt. >> marco rubio was the loser of the night. at least you can say ted won something. >> marco rubio's campaign and pact dropped millions on anti- trump ads in florida. trump is pushing back with ads of his own. no matter where you stand get ready to see a lot of back and forth between the two. >> trump's super tuesday wins slipped the republican party. [ no audio ] >> has beyond a nightmare. if donald trump wins fair and square it would be a disaster not to give it to him. >> we'll participate in tomorrow's debate even though megyn kelly from fox news will be a moderator. trump fought with kelly ahead of the iowa caucuses in
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the last time he skipped a debate trump admitted it hurt his campaign. trump's newest ally is facing trouble in his home state. six new jersey newspapers say governor chris christie should resign over his endorsement of trump. the papers are calling on new jersey citizens to start an effort to recall christie. cleaning up after severe weather in alabama. the national weather service says it most likely was a tornado that hurt four people and damaged 30 houses. they are trying to figure out how strong that tornado was. crews have been going door-to- door to make sure no one is trapped in those damaged homes. >> i found my wife and i said get in the laundry room. i didn't even have time to grab my dog. as soon as i got her in the
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and i got on top of her. i heard my roof leave or be drawn away. >> that storm knocked out power to a huge part of the area. 15-miles from birmingham, alabama. red cross set up a shelter to help the displaced. developing in our nation's capitol the supreme court is taking up an abortion case centered around what kind of limits states can place on abortion clinics. the case involves a texas law which requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. the same law makes it so clinics are up to the same standard of surgical centers. the law is to keep women safe. opponents argue it was designed to shutdown clinics. >> of course we would want the highest possible standards for women's safety. >> we remain optimistic that the court is going to see these requirements for what they are. a sham designed to limit women's abortion access. >> how the justices rule will
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passed similar laws like the one in texas. a decision is expected in june. more tests for the zica virus are on their way to florida. governor scott said the cdc approved his request for 500 more zica antibody test. florida has 44 zica-confirmed cases all travel related. the cdc told congress the zica virus could get out of control quickly. he compared it to another mosquito-borne disease. >> when we look at chickenguna in 2014 in eight months one out of four adults were affected. if that pattern is followed with zica we could see hundreds of thousands of infection s by the end of the year.
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plan in place to deal with the virus before mosquito season starts in the u.s. a dog has been given a second chance at life. >> give me another kiss. more kisses. good girl! >> do you recognize her? that's cabella the dog happy and healthy and clearly having a great time with her friends at the dog park. we first brought you her story one year-ago this week. that's when tampa police officers found her, remember she was tied to a railroad track. she had gunshot wounds in her neck and shoulder. the officers stopped an on- coming train to save her life. they brought her to a tampa bay veterinary emergency center. doctors worried they might have to amputate her legs. instead she made an amazing recovery. >> cabella is doing phenomenal.
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she learns well. plays well with others. just the kind of life she should have had all along. >> absolutely. police and veterinarians determined she was used at a ring. one of the four people caught in the case pleaded guilty. he was sentenced to probation, community service and ordered to pay the vet clinic $1,000. live outside. our sky 10 network camera along the tampa end of the howard backed up. slow but at least moving here. i-4 at nebraska. in downtown st. pete a cold front moved through today. we'll tell you if that will affect temperatures tonight.
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gofundme account. >> wait until you hear why there is an investigation into correctly. an officer caught on camera slapping an screaming at a
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police in baltimore are trying to learn more about disturbing videos.
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officer slapping and kicking a student. >> police had not seen the video until a cbs station in baltimore asked them about it. in 24-hours there have been serious consequences. >> even the mayor is weighing in on this shocking video. >> reporter: four seconds long, three slaps and a kick. this is the video generating nationwide attention. first sent to wjz it shows a uniformed police officer's shocking interaction with the partnership high school in baltimore. in a wider view you can see another officer standing next to the one doing the slapping and kicking. both have been reassigned in what school officials are calling a vigorous investigation. the mayor this morning. >> it is a parent of a baltimore city school student i was appalled by what i saw. the behavior that was demonstrated on the video is certainly something you never
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>> reporter: wjz confirmed the chief of city schools police has been placed on administrative leave. veteran educator is the school chief's support officer. >> i saw what appeared to be an act of violence. >> reporter: what we don't know is what happened before or after the confrontation. but perry still condemns it. >> no matter what the circumstances are, i am totally appalled. that behavior should never be tolerated and it won't be. >> i know the school is investigating it. i know it leaked yesterday and the investigation is going on. i support that investigation. i just never want to see anything like that happen again. >> reporter: sources say the young man cursed at, slapped and kicked is a student. school officials say they are unsure as they continue looking into this disturbing encounter. >> the officer seen in that video worked for city school's police. that's separate from baltimore city police. the high school where it
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baltimore with its own officer because the campus is so large. you may be feeling this, too, i know a few of us are. all of the pollen. it is gross. it is not fun. >> will we get rain to help us out? >> it will wash it out of the air. this front did nothing to help us. the next one i'm tracking on friday might give a little relief. there are models that show we might see a couple adjustments in the forecast. the front, as it moves through, it is quiet other than the clouds today there was an isolated shower in the gulf. couple this morning. that was the extent of what we got. i'm tracking the next system for you. although that's far north this energy will come together that we see over the rockies and
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it will be a quick mover. the jet stream will help drive that. within about 36 hours we will have the next front coming through. again, we are seeing some things that could give us a hint and a better shot of showers. i'm take you through that timing in a moment. with the front coming through you could expect colder temperatures. 80 sebring. 75 polk city. we have cooler weather around clearwater. 65 for us now. 71 st. pete. tampa temperatures where we were this time yesterday before the front was in our state. 72 degrees starting the evening. you can tell the difference, the wind direction is to the southwest as it was this time last night. northwest 13 miles per hour. dew points haven't changed. humidity 51%. before the front officially came through it made 76 in tampa and st. pete. east of i-75 80s today. 81 lakeland.
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tomorrow behind this front, it is basically breaking up over us. we'll start a touch cooler than where we were this morning. we'll look for light winds to quickly turn to the southwest by midday. 55 in the morning. we are looking for highs around 78 degrees. no cold with that front. the answer to your question, we need the rain to help us out. we are in a high category for everything in the air. the pine, oak and cedar. a little bit of rain friday could briefly help us out. i don't think it will be the help we need long term. it looks like the timing it take to get that pine of oak out of the air is usually mid april. several more weeks. look at the warm temperatures as we take you into your neighborhood. 83 wesley chapel and zephyrhills for your thursday high temperatures. 82 lutz. 79 clearwater. 77 seminole and st. pete.
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77 by the water in sarasota. 77 bradenton. low to mid 80s again for lakeland, sebring, winter haven. bartow 85 degrees. under what should be mostly sun know to partly sunny skies. high clouds on and off for thursday. it won't be the rain-making kind. sun will cut through. instead of clear, blue skies we'll have a white sky out there. southwest winds anywhere from two to 12 knots during the day. light chop. in our seven-day forecast the one thing that i think -- we were looking at an isolated shower chance. i'm seeing dew points come up a little bit as the front comes through. 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. the only change i would make is i think we'll call for scattered showers between 3:00 and 7:00 friday morning.
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could help wash that out of the air briefly for friday. like the other front there is no cold with it. we were warmer saturday at 77 degrees. 78 on sunday. 80s for tampa. which will mean mid to upper 80s east of i-75 tuesday and wednesday. it looks like it will be a breezy day.
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concerns over care at v.a. clinics across the country. i'm reginald roundtree. all new on "10 news at 5:30" we are breaking down records that reveal some veterans have been denied treatment for dramatic brain injuries. see who is at the root of the problem. it is going to be a long road to recovery for astronaut scott kelly. see the rigorous plan to get him back to living on earth. >> i can cook. i can burn food again. today on the road it is the little things that mean the most at a rehab reunion in tampa. those stories and more coming up next. first, what a judge had to
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new information about a west palm beach teenager accused of being a doctor. today a judge ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation. the teen was booked last night on felony charges. we told you how he set up an office seeing patients. he had a website set up claiming he was a practitioner of alternative medicine. today the judge told him he is not allowed to practice any type of medicine. royal caribbean anthem of the seas is back in port. this time the ship turned back to new jersey before it could hit bad weather. royal caribbean said it followed a new storm avoidance policy put in place after last month's incident. there was a noro virus outbreak where 16 people got sick.
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nothing to do with the ship's return. the clues doctors can turn
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good evening. i'm courtney robinson. >>i'm reginald roundtree. thank you for staying with us. a bill requiring florida law enforcement to turn over rape kits for testing within 30 rick scott's desk. house lawmakers passed it today. legislation comes after an audit showed 1300 rape kits have gone untested. area.


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